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Jl. H Kelik No. 20b Kelapa Dua Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat, Jl. H Kelik No. 20b Kelapa Dua Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat, Bojongmanik
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CONCRETE TEST HAMMER, Digital N-Type, C386M. ASTM C805, BS1881:202

This digital concrete test hammer, microprocessor operated, manufactured by Matest w/advanced technology, performs basic concrete testing w/continuous automatic recording of all parameters in accordance with EN 12504-2 Specifications, register and process data and then transfer them to a PC The unit consists of the standard mechanical model C380, but equipped w/an electronic transducer that measures the rebound values and supplies automatically the results on a graphic display.
During test performing:
- Shows: #index value,# average index value,# Shows numbers of performed rebounds,# Shows date+time,# Battery life.
- Allows to select measuring system in MpA or Psi
- Identifies tested element
- Identifies automatically and shows rebound angle
Main features:
- Possibility to store, display on graphic LCD 64x124 and download data to PC over 20000 tests
- Automatic statistical processing and readings
- Automatic conversion of rebound index to equivalent compression strength in psi, N/mm2, kg/cm2
- High accuracy
- Impact energy 2,207Joule(Nm)
- Measuring range: 10 120 N/mm2
- Interface RS232
- Power source 6 rechargeable batteries AA NiMh 2000mA
- Battery life: 60 hours w/auto shut down
- Operating temp.: -10C +60C
Supplied c/w data transfer software, data cable RS232, batt. charger, abrasive stone, carrying case
Dim:330x180x120mm. Weight 3kg
Warranty: 1yr
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  • Harga Rp 11.550
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